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The b(ack)log

I’ve been highly remiss on posting anything here.

Which is terrible, because over the last few years, I have very regularly had some experience well worth a blog post, whether it’s to do with sysadminly things, coding, scripting to make my life easier, otherwise improving how I interact with my daily-driver laptop, engineering something interesting, reverse-engineering something interesting, other technical things, or even other non-technical things.

So I want to share some of that.

I will do my best to regularly post about something I did in that timespan – at the very least, weekly. I have built up a long list to pick from and flesh out, which should keep me going for a long while yet.

Here’s a high-level overview of what else has been going on with me:

  • I’m now all finished with my master’s degree in computer science from Johns Hopkins.
  • The JHU ACM moved to a new building and rebuilt its systems from the ground up, during which I was on their sysadmin team (and had been for years before that, and continue to be) and was part of implementing any number of interesting bits of functionality.
  • I spun up my own Kerberos realm and AFS cell to play around with (since the ACM uses those too) and have put them to good use. (Expect some posts about making particular services use GSSAPI authentication and interact more nicely with having their backing stores in AFS.)
  • I went to DebConf 14 (and used an Amtrak USA Rail Pass to expand my trip there into a month-long adventure across the continental United States and back, spending time in seven extra cities).
  • I gave a talk at FOSSCON 2013 about the challenges I experienced with the FoFiX project; I went to FOSSCON 2015 too (missed 2014 because of the DebConf trip).
  • I’ve taken up speedrunning (completing video games as fast as possible) and Twitch streaming. (Expect some posts about glitches and quirks in games and game hardware, and about the technical side of streaming from Unix-like systems.)
  • I finally got a new laptop in winter 2014 and dealt with a number of things for the first time while setting it up, such as configuring disk encryption and handling UEFI.
  • I went to AGDQ 2015 and SGDQ 2015 (and couched two runs at SGDQ, mainly to provide technical background on glitches).
  • I finally got a new VPS in summer 2015 and am moving my services over. (I challenged myself to move each service with as close to zero downtime as possible; this was much easier for some services than others. More details in future posts.)

As I said, I will try to write about no less thanĀ one thing every week; there are all kinds of stories (technical and not) built up over this long blog gap. See you then!

(And let me know in the comments if there’s anything in particular that you’d like me to try to prioritize writing about.)