Monthly Archives: August 2010

I now use gpg.

I’m starting to use gpg.

This isn’t the first time that I have said to myself, “Hey, I should start using gpg!” I have had that idea twice before. And each of those times I made myself a key then just forgot about actually trying to use it and collect signatures on it. I never published those keys, and as time went by I forgot their passphrases.

I’m off to a much better start this time, as I cross-signed with my friend Asheesh today, published my key, and configured gpg integration in my MUA. So my new key will actually be seeing some use.

For those of you interested, my key ID is 9C121F46, and the fingerprint is C25D 9D2F F3F1 3D72 ADEB D54C F1DB 6C38 9C12 1F46. I uploaded my key to and I will put this information on my contact page too.