Welcome to the blog!

Welcome to my blog of code, freedom, gaming, computing, and some other stuff.  (I will say it now: most of my blogging will probably be software-related.)

I have many software projects going on now.  I am in the process of placing all of them onto my Subversion server, but the ones I work on the most are there.  Check it out (literally) at https://svn.stump.jstump.com/svnroot/ (read-only – I commit through svn+ssh) or browse around at https://svn.stump.jstump.com/websvn/.  Patches are always welcome!  I will always post when I tag a release, including full build instructions.

I write software for Windows and GNU/Linux; nearly all of it is under “GPLv3 or later”.  I will post about specific software projects whenever something interesting happens.

I am an avid player of Dungeons and Dragons (version 2) and the Classic Marvel RPG.  (My GM is the very best.)  When it comes to downtime, it’s hard to beat rolling oddly-shaped dice.  Knights of the Dinner Table is the most epic magazine.

Until Stump GNU/Linux works (which is probably quite a long time from now), I primarily use Ubuntu and Debian.  (Naturally, I will be “eating my own dogfood” once it’s feasible.)  My preferred non-free OS is by far Windows Server 2003, and I know both Windows and GNU/Linux quite well (as both a user and an administrator).  (Indeed, I have dabbled in Windows enough to gain a certification or two.)

See you when something interesting pops up 😉

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